How To Plant…
Spring Flowering Bulbs

Creating beautiful displays next Spring
Spring flowering bulbs are an easy, cost effective way to bring colour to your garden in Spring. Autumn is the best time to plant Spring flowering bulbs such as Snowdrops, Crocus, Daffodils and Tulips. Over the Winter months bulbs will grow strong roots ready to bring the first signs of Spring to your garden from February onwards. Bulbs can be planted into the garden or make great displays in planted containers. As a general rule bulbs should be planted at a depth of 3-4 times their height. Using potting grit to improve drainage and bulb fibre when planting will help prevent bulbs rotting in the ground and ensure strong growth in Spring. Best of all, once planted bulbs often naturalise in the garden giving you years of colour with little to no work required!

Indoor Displays
Some bulbs will also grow well indoors if encouraged to do so. Hyacinths are a stand out example with their elegant flowers and strong scent. Planting a bowl of hyacinth bulbs will bring colour to your home or make a beautiful gift. Check out the video from Taylors Bulbs for advice and inspiration on making your own hyacinth bowl this Autumn.