Garden Care


Behind every good garden is a good set of tools, here at Torwood Garden Centre you will find everything you need to care for your garden. We select products of the highest quality which are built to last, and to test that our team use them every day so we know they work and can advise you on what tools can best help you look after your garden. Our extensive range is updated regularly with new product ideas on the market so you can be sure you are buying the best tool for the job at Torwood Garden Centre.


We stock a number of ranges of garden tools for everyone from a beginner to the professional gardener, each selected for easy of use, strength and function.

Our full range of tools includes:

•Spades & shovels

•Rakes & brushes

•Forks & trowels





Fertilisers, pesticides and weedkiller

We stock a comprehensive range of garden chemicals for jobs around the garden including organic alternatives and products safe for use around children and pets. All of our products meet up to date European guidelines for chemical use and our staff are trained to advise you on the safe storage and application.

If you have a specific problem with pests or weeds we can help. Bring in a sample of the affected plant or pest in a sealed bag and our experienced team will help you identify the problem and the best treatment for you.

Compost and bark

Every good plant needs good soil to grow, our range of composts and soil improvers will make your garden look fantastic! We stock a range of affordable multi-purpose and specialist composts in small to large bags and with special offers when bought in bulk. We also stock organic and peat free alternatives for the environmentally conscious.

Our decorative barks are perfect for keeping the weeds down and making your garden look fantastic, highlighting the colour and foliage in your plants.


While watering may not seem a priority in Scotland, we regularly have customers asking us about problems which are directly related to under – or over – watering. Our range of hoses and accessories can make your life easier, whether it’s a small hose for watering containers in a patio garden or an automatic system to keep your hanging baskets and vegetable bed looking fantastic.