Looking Good List 24-04-20

The plants that you see in this list are some of those looking good on Friday 24th April
If you have had an order confirmed you can add these plants to your order when we call you to arrange delivery and payment of your order.

If you do not have an order confirmation, we will be opening our order book again soon. please visit this page for the latest information

French Lavender 2 Litre Pot £8.99

Primula Vialii 12cm Pot £3.99

Hydrangea 5 Litre Pot £20.99

Acer 2L      Square Pot £12.99      23cm Bowl £24.99       5 Litre Pot £34.99 

Alstromeria ‘Rock & Roll’ 3 Litre Pot £8.99

Astilbe 15cm Pot £10.99

Thornless Chaenomolese £15.99

Rhododendron 2 Litre Pot £15.99

Skimmia          ‘Marlot’ 13cm Pot £8.99          reveesiana 15cm Pot £14.99

Hebe 2 Litre Pot £8.99