August is the last official month of summer, and we want to make sure your garden is looking great for as long as possible. Fingers crossed for some late summer sun to get out and enjoy it!

Keep deadheading flowers such as dahlias to keep them flowering for longer.




Trim back lavender as they finish flowering to keep them in shape.




Ensure to keep watering your plants on dry days, particularly fruit and vegetable plants.




Keep on top of weeds which will be rampant after a wet July, as they compete with your plants for nutrients in the soil.




Harvest your fruit and veg as they become ripe.




Plant out autumn seed potatoes, ready for harvesting in time for Christmas dinner.




Keep feeding tomato plants and remove leaves on the bottom of the plant to improve circulation. Trim down tops to encourage the plants energy to focus on ripening existing fruits.




For spring flowering perennials such as camellias and rhododendrons, water well as they are forming buds. They will also benefit from feeding with an ericaceous feed.




Turn the compost in your compost bins to encourage decomposition and keep it well aerated.




Plan your spring garden – spring flowering bulbs will soon be in store, now is the time to plan what to plant where ready for getting them in the ground.