April is a great month for getting out in the garden, with longer and warmer days. There seems like an endless list of jobs to do, so where to start?



It’s time to get all your weeds up from your vegetable and flower beds, so your precious plants aren’t competing for nutrients. Make sure you’re pulling up from the root though! You also might like to use an organic, child and pet friendly weed preventer such as Resolva Weed Preventer to reduce the amount that grow.




If you’ve well prepared your vegetable beds ready for home grown produce, there’s plenty you can plant now to get them started. Vegetables that can be sown directly outside include beetroot, carrots, swiss chard, cauliflower, lettuce, leeks, turnips and peas.




It’s time to give your roses some love. Roses tend to be hungry plants and will appreciate some rose and shrub feed sprinkled in the soil around their roots to help them grow, if your roses tend to suffer from black spot try using Westland Rose 2 in 1 Feed & Protect which feeds the roses and helps protect against black spot. If you have climbers, help tame them by tying them in.




Get your lawn up to scratch and repair any patched by putting down new lawn seed or using a great product such as Westland Aftercut Patch Fix. You can start mowing your lawn regularly now, but gradually reduce the height of the blade to help the lawn grow well.




Hardy plants such as sweet peas can be planted outdoors now, but remember to pinch them out to encourage bushier growth during the summer.




Freshen up your containers by adding some new compost to the top, we’ve got a huge selection based on your plant’s needs on our webshop and in store. If your containers are full, you can remove the top 5cm and replace with fresh compost.




If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to clean up your patios and garden paths ready for spending time in the garden. A power washer is a great tool for this task, or we love Algon Organic patio cleaner and use it around the garden centre.




As always, if you need any further advice, don’t hesitate to pop in and see one of our experts in plants and garden care. Or you can always give us a ring or message on Facebook and we’ll offer our friendly advice.