Before the first frost hits, you’ll want to prepare your garden and make sure that it’s ready to bloom in the springtime once more. Follow our advice, and as always pop in store or contact us with any specific questions or concerns relating to your garden.


1. Protect your plants from frost

Where possible, protect delicate plants by ‘putting them to bed’ in a warmer area (such as a porch or greenhouse). If this is not possible, you can wrap young plants or growing trees in plant fleece to protect them. You can purchase plant fleece, and even ‘grow houses’ which include free fleece covers in the garden centre now.


2. Continue to clear away fallen leaves and debris

Not only can they make your garden look messy, fallen leaves can become a slip hazard and promote the growth of mildew and algae.


3. Raise containers

Raise any containers to prevent them becoming water-logged


4. Plant a tree

November is a perfect time to plant a tree, when dormant, the tree will establish more successfully than during summer. Don’t forget, now is also the perfect time to plant roses. We have a large selection of trees and roses in store now.


5. Clean your gardening tools and equipment

Cleaning your main gardening tools will prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases when they may not be in as much regular use.


6. Kill off any enduring weeds

Weeds can still grow and spread during the winter months, use a preventive weed killer to give them a final boot before the weather turns too soggy.


image of birds on a fat snap feeder7. Provide high quality feed for wildlife

This time of year is always difficult for British birds, and a helping hand now will keep visitors coming back spring after spring. Ask our experts in store about high energy bird feeds, perfect for the cold weather.