How often have you updated your Christmas tree decorations? Maybe you’re stuck in a ‘bauble and tinsel’ rut and are looking for something simple, but beautiful, to give your tree a new lease of life.

If you’ve visited our stunning Christmas shop recently, you’ll have seen our themed trees adorned with beautifully put together ribbons and bows. We’d love to help you learn a new skill, and recreate the look at home so we’ve asked one of our expert bow-makers, Karen, to show us how easy it is to create them yourself. Follow our simple instructions below.

Step 1 – Open out your ribbon, and grab from both ends

Step 2 – Cross over your ribbon to make a loop

Step 3 – Bring your fingers to the middle of the loop, and push the long ribbon end up from the back

Step 4 – Cut the length of the long ribbon so they are the same on each side

Step 5 [OPTIONAL] – If your ribbon is patterned on one side, flip the bow round

Step 6 – Gather your bow in the middle and pinch together

Step 7 – Wrap your floristry ribbon or wire around the middle of the bow

Step 8 – turn your bow round and tie the ribbon in a double knot to secure

Step 9 – Neaten out your bow, and you’re done!

Step 10 – Arrange beautifully on your Christmas tree!

We currently have some ribbon left in store at various prices, and we sell floristry ribbon (£1p/meter) and wire (£2.25 pack).