Show your garden some love this autumn with advice from our gardening experts. Autumn is nature’s natural time for planting so stock up on our must have items.

1. Plant your bulbs now for a vibrant spring display

EJ recommends: Plant your spring bulbs before planting our Scottish-grown autumn bedding plants on top of your containers. You’ll have beautiful colours from now until next spring when your bulbs will burst into life!

2. Autumn lawn care

Feed your lawn now to encourage strong root growth and prevent moss taking over during the winter months – Miracle-Gro Autumn Lawn 100m plus 20% free, our price £9.99

Now is the best time to seed new lawns, or thicken existing lawns with extra seed.


3. Tidy up your garden

Tidy your garden waste with our incinerators which start at £19.99. Get rid of dead leaves from your lawn and help it to grow with our SmartRake, on offer this month at £7.99 (£7 off RPP).


4. Encourage wildlife into your garden

Top up your bird baths!

The RSPB recommends to clean out and replace old nest boxes in autumn.

Hedgehog houses and crossings encourage little visitors into your garden – and they eat slugs and other garden pests!

Lynn recommends: Put out high protein feed for birds in autumn and and high energy suet in the colder months